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Brick County Rescue Ambulance


Have you ever wanted to have a North American style ambulance in bricks?

Well, look no further.

This ambulance, created by yours truly, is the perfect rig for you!

It has loads of emergency lighting, equipment, and room inside. Built with a 6-stud wide cab and an 8-stud wide box on the back, it has opening rear doors and an opening side door. There is lots of storage space, and some of the items included are AED paddles, some syringes, a first aid kit, a spot for IV, and an oxygen tank. Inside the ambulance there is a seat in the back of the ambulance where the attendant can sit by the patient.

Rather than build it in the traditional white color, I chose to build it in yellow with white detailing to allow it to match in with other yellow and white Fire Department collections, or just to be a unique design by itself!

Hope everyone enjoys!

For feedback, please let me know what you think of the project or what you think should be added to it.

Happy building! 

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