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Safe Case with lock

This Safe Case is made of 3017 pieces, this means that it weights about 3 kg (6-7 lb).
The whole structure is extremely safe, the walls measure about 3.5 cm (1,3 in) and the door more than 5 cm (2 in).
The door has three lock-knobs with 8 positions each: this means 512 total combinations to unlock the door.

Here you can see the whole structure with the door close. You can note the three lock-knobs on the left and the lever in the middle to open the door of the case.

This is the interior of the door where you can see the strucutre of the knobs when the locks are opened.
The first knob from the top reveals the 8 positions of the circle plate (4x4), instead the other two knobs reveal how they let the lock be opened by a fissure created by the curved bricks.
The only way to open the locks with the lever is to put all three knobs in the right position with the fissure exactly on the left (left in this picture).

Here it's been shown a random positions of the three knobs to close the door with locks.
When the locks are closed inside their holes (the trhree holes are in the main structure obviously), the knobs should be rotated in a random positon (different from the opening position) that assure the locks not to be opened even by pressing on the lever: this picture shows it as well (note the difference from the upper picture).

This last picture shows how it's made the internal structure of the case: technic beams connected to technic bricks by pins.
It's not possible to break the structure in any direction.

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