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Teen Titans Go! Titans Jet


An another time the villians attacks Jump City!  

The Teen Titans must save the City before it will destroyed! To get there they need their TJet!

The Set includes: Teen Titans Jet, the minifigures of Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, Slade(Deathstroke), Brain, Brother Blood, Gizmo, Brain's Destroyer-Armor, the Legendary Sandwich( from episode "Legendary Sandwich", the Pies( from episode " Pie Bros" and the mask of "THE JEFF" (from episode "Stakeout" and Starfire's pet "Silkie".

This Project is the TJet of the Teen Titans of the TV Show "Teen Titans GO!". It can transform into 5 seperate domes, this includes: Cockpit, 2 storage Chambers, Fly Chamber and a Generator chamber.

I built it because I wanted to build something of a Cartoon Show.

And I think it will be a great model because lots of kids want to have so a fantastic model. 

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