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Ady Gil, the Fastest Ship to Circumnavigate the World


Official Update #1

OK I know I know, a boat isn't a boat unless it has propellers. I suppose steering might be a challenge to with out any rudders.

I am proud to announce that the boat now has propellers and also has rudders.

And i fixed the problem with it sinking in the front because of two huge gaping holes in it.

Thank you all for your support.



*Update Alert* and *Promotion*

Later today i will post a new element for the Ady Gil.

Also as a promotion. If you all can get your friends family and any one else, and we reach 1k supports by the second week of august then i will re-design the Ady Gil so that A sticker will fit and mini-figures will fit in the boat and the jet ski. and at 5k supports i will get two Lego engines and make the boat a motorized boat.

*Once we reach 100 supports i will engineer it to float and i will get the picture of it*

Support on folks



Group Research

I would like to ask you all a very small favor... please in your browser search bar type in MY Ady Gil and look at the real boat's pictures. Then comment on what you think i should do with my boat...

Here are the steps below

1: Look it up

2:comment and support if you haven't

3: Delete your browser history.

4: Tell your friends to support this great cause



PS: The real boat was sunk in an episode of whale wars. look it up this is in honor of the ADY GIL