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Ady Gil, the Fastest Ship to Circumnavigate the World


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This is a replica of the Ady Gil, formally know as the Earthrace, which circumnavigated the earth in exactly two months which was the record in 2009.This ship was sold to an Anti-Whaling Organization, (Sea Sheppard), painted black and renamed the Ady Gil.

I have constructed the Ady Gil from on-hand Lego pieces, some improvements to make would be to put smooth pieces covering all top sections of the ship.

This would make a great Lego Set because the ship and its jet ski actually float and don't leak. The Jet Ski snaps in and out of its hold easily in the water so you get all of the unloading action.

I have added Green for the color but that is not on the real ship, I have also excluded the Ady Gil name from the side of the ship. This would require a custom sticker for the ship if any extra detail would be wanted. Mini-figures will not fit in the ship or on the Jet Ski. I could face a challenge and Increase the model size so figures will fit.

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