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The June Bug

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Hi everyone, thanks for taking time to watch my (small) Lego project.

This one is made with LegoDigitalDesigner.

This little car is called the June Bug (Original name Maikäfer), and is a 1931 prototype from 'Josef Ganz' who is a "people's car" pioneer wich the Vw Bug is based on... remember, the car wich everyone loves so much? Herbie? :)
The Vw bug's history does not stop @ Ferdinand Porche you know!

After reading the book and the true story of the beetle I had to create such a ingenious design in Lego.

This one has got some nice details and a front cover wich can open for Luggage (the cars engine is in the back).

The round piece on the back there should be the spare wheel.

Enjoy and thanks again!

The front of the "Maikäfer" with Josef Ganz sitting in the drivers seat.

Just behind the rear wheel on the picture is where the original engine is mounted.

Luggage department opened! Maybe some extra tools included in the set?

The real Maikäfer (June Bug)

Thanks again for watching folks!

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