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Downtown Ice Cream Shop


Welcome to your friendly small-town ice cream shop. With outdoor seating among flowers and delicious ice cream, it is the perfect place to relax.

This modular build starts with a sidewalk out front. There is a table outside with some flowers by the windows and a maroon design on the pavement. Once inside, there is another table, a plant, and a clock before reaching the counter. The counter has six types of ice cream: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, blueberry, and orange sherbet. Behind the counter is the register, an ice cream machine, and a small sink with an ice cream scoop and stack of cups. The back door leads to a dumpster. On the roof, there is an air conditioning unit and a pipe that extends through the roof and into the floor. 

The build comes modular and the roof is easily removed. The top dumpster in the back can raise up for more to be put in. The ice cream counter can be accessed from behind with backs that fold out to allow access to scoop the ice cream. The build comes with four minifigures: a worker, a businessman, and a father and son getting ice cream. 

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