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The Red Cobra Vintage 1950's Racing Truck


This is a flair side short bed 1950's vintage drag racing truck with a little bit of attitude and plenty of muscle at 1893 pieces. 

In recent years street racing has become a huge trend over here in the states, as these guys and girls no different then you or I who are working 40 hour work weeks and raising familes, also enjoy the high dollar and dangerous hobby of street racing. Most of the time anymore its all legal and protected by the required ambulance and fire services, as well as local police departments who make sure these racers have a safe location to do what they do. They race on the tracks as well as street. The big difference, is tracks are prepped with what amounts to glue basically, where as the streets are not prepped and far more unpredicatle and slippery for lack of a better term. I enjoy watching these type of track or street races. Its all about who crosses the line first in a quarter mile.

This design was inspired by a racing truck which runs out of the Memphis district here in my home state of Tennessee.

This is a combo brick build and techno parts. Basically the techo part being the V-8 powerplant fully functional with crank shaft, rods, pistons, etc.. The main outer body built around the racing chasis is more of a brick build.


1. This is a vintage all metal heavy 1950z Modified drag racing truck design, as they just don't make things like this anymore.

2. It comes complete with a parachute on the back which is on a hinge and flips out easy so the back tail gate can easily flip down.

3. A twin turbo setup versus nitros oxide (NOS) as this may look all 50z on the outside, but under the hood and in the main cab its all state of the art. It can generate over 1600 horse power, runs the quarter mile in about 6 seconds exceeding 200 mph. It is ever bit as mean as it looks.

4. Hinged hood as well as both doors and tailgate, and a modern state of the art V-8 twin turbo powerplant, (see picture number 4) complete with twin ram air intake and a massive hood scoop.

%. Red cobra hood ornament.

Thanks as always for the vote and or view.

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