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Lego Camper Van


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It's a cool camper. Please support! I have been a lego designer at home for 30 years, so it would be fun if you support me!

What is this build of yours? It is a cool camper van. It has 2 doors and an area in the back for storage for the Minifigures things. This camper van fits 1 Minifigure because it is meant for display.

Why should it become a lego set? Because it is small and good for children and adults who like to have a neat little camper on their shelf. I personally think that many people would want this on their shelf

Why did you build this? I built this because I love camping. I am the type who would take a trip to a campground every weekend. I always wanted to have a lego set in my camper to represent camping, so I got my pieces and got to work. Right after I built this, I put it in my camper. It is very cute and I would love you to have it too!

What is your goal in the next 60 days? I want to reach 100 supporters so that there is more time for others to discover.

Thank you!