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Brickville Trampoline Park


Lego Brickville Trampoline Park

My design is a trampoline park with lots of trampolines, a foam pit, a monkey bar race and a basketball area. The design also includes a reception desk, waiting area, video area for safety instructions, glass viewing area for parents, cloak room and toilet. Lego characters access the trampoline area through a turnstile.  The set includes other details in the entrance area such as bags and shoes in the cloakroom, a phone, tickets and computer on reception. The trampoline area includes other details such as a ball for basketball, side trampolines and clear bricks so the characters appear to be bouncing in the air. Outside there are six car parking spaces. The fence around the trampoline area includes glow in the dark bricks for disco nights. Trampoline parks are extremely popular for children of all ages as a fun activity and for keeping fit and healthy.  Trampolining is a hobby of mine and I attend trampoline lessons which is how I thought of the idea. I believe that there should be a  Lego set to represent this interest in children's social activities and  also to support keeping fit and healthy which is important for young people.  I think the age range would be 7+.  I constructed the set using all my own bricks.   

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