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MechaWars: Titan's Revenge

Place yourself on Tylothia; a human jungle-planet colony 1,000 lightyears in the future. After a G.R.S (Governing Robotics System) went rogue, formed clones and became a mass murderer, a group of freedom-fighting engineers, lead by captain Ian D. Deville, formed. Their mission: create and synthesize robots that can transform too and from spaceships and giant mechs. Their original model was Titan's Revenge, piloted by no other than Deville himself. Can they defeat the evil G.R.S? only you can find out…


Hi, 2gherkins here.

I made this project along with the help of Mapleman5, and I'm proud to publish it. It took us a while to develop a ball joint system that can transform cleanly-ish from a robot to a spaceship.

Above is the robot in Mech form-it is very tricky to use the ball joint feature in design by me in my own defense, simply comment if you want a more action-stanse mech photo, I'll update the pic. The hands are fully posable and grip-able, and the legs actually hold the support. But the coolest thing is that the waist can turn 360 degrees! As for the tunic, it makes the overall spaceship smoother in ship mode.

Here's the cockpit with Deville in it and the… "windshield" up, the windshield that has no kickback, I might add. In front of the control panel is Deville's blaster and holding compartment, you can see behind that the joysticks onto the control panel and behind the seat a radar panel as well. On either side a laser cannon is located. As for Deville, he just has a plain tan face.

Here Is the actual Starship version, with laser cannon sand jets and all.


~ Hey, I'm doing a pole! Now that the final thirteen fantastic episodes of The Clone Wars: Season 6 are out, I wan't to honor David Filoni,c George Lucas and the others who made the best Saturday morning cartoon ever! Vote for which you would like to see a set. If you are clueless, just ask.

A - Separatist Frigate (almost every episode)

B - Crystal Hunt (season five episode six)

C - Jedi Courtyard (season six episode eleven)

D - Marketplace Chase (season five episode nine)

E - Mandalor Fallen (if you haven't seen the final mandalore episode, you haven't lived)
I'm trying to get a splitscreen for cover and a better battle stance.

Also, please pole on if you would rather see an enemy hq, human he or GRS mech. Both poles ends 5/31/14 at midnight. I check comments at least three times a week. I'll post standings on my profile! Thank you!


Thank you so much for reading it through, and I hope you liked!
Please support, and check out my other projects!

Thanks, 2gherkins

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