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Central Post Office


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Here is a new creation, the idea came to me by wanting to create a LEGO city for my son.
The last Post is very old, and we can not find it anymore. It is therefore sorely lacking a building for mail. I present you a post in the air time.

---The description---
The Mayor of LEGO City has just sold a listed building in the center of the city to install the post office.
The very neat exterior is classified.
The interior has just been redone and arranged to optimize the work.
You will be able to now greet customers for the different operations.
There is a counter for mail, send parcels ...
A second counter on the ground floor is there for the professionals and what concerns the transfer of money.
A room on the ground floor has been set up to keep parcels and mail to be sent or removed.
In this same room there is an exit on the private car park to load the delivery truck as well as the postmen by bike.
When you go upstairs, you have counselors waiting for clients to settle disputes, make investments or have more specific information.
A hostess answering phone calls is present to guide or make the customer wait.
Thanks to this mini Van, you will all be able to deliver on time in good conditions.
On the roof, everything is set up for interior comfort. A hot water tank with solar system, air conditioning, a hatch can simulate the rise if needed (repairs etc ..)
There is everything you need to have fun. The only restriction is your imagination ...
This scene is composed of:

* Other
- 1 Delivery van
- 4 Gaming platforms (ground floor, 1st floor, roof, and garage platform.
- 1 Automated barrier for private parking
- 2 Delivery bicycles
- 1 Piece of parcel and mail storage with storage

* Characters
- 8 characters
   * 1 client (top form)
   * 1 Van driver
   * 1 Secretary
   * 1 Driver
   * 4 Postal workers

* Accessories
- 1 Cart
- Several packages of different colors and sizes (storage room and Van)
- Several letters
- 1 Trolley for delivery in the Van
- 1 Block delivery note for signatures (driver)
- 1 Scale
- Several computers, offices
- 1 Table and 6 meeting chairs
- 1 Coffee maker
- 1 Bottle of water
- Bins
- Scanner photocopier
- A painting
- Several decorative doors
- Swing doors at the entrance
And many more things to discover ...

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