The Bridge of Khâzad Dûm

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Update! Render from WipeoutZone!

My 12th project on Cuusoo is The Bridge of Khâzad Dûm as suggested by castleguy (check out his projects). The set has more than 500 pieces, and includes the bridge in incredible detail (it collapses!), Gandalf, and the Balrog (will be updated shortly).

Bridge details. It is covered in rock, and the hidden lever on the bottom makes the bridge "crumble."

My first Balrog. I know, I got lazy, but I think the Hero Factory parts capture the Balrog well. I mean, without the H in his chest, he looks great!

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Project History:
Project Started: 10/28/13
1 Supporter: 10/28/13
5 Supporters: 10/28/13