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Hand Of Destiny

You might be thinking that the tree doesn't look like your usual palm tree, because it isn't, it's a literal one. :D Continue reading for the full meaning behind the build.

The MOC was originally called "Hand of Destiny", because it shows a human hand with a tree growing from it. It's supposed to symbolize that we humans are in control of nature, we are in control of the destiny of the Earth. We hold the fate of the environment in our hands. 

The other motive and symbolism of the creation is the little solder at the foot of the tree. He also represents us, we need to be the ones guarding the tree and watching over it. Another small detail is the hand that you can see in the tree. It tells us that we are "stuck" in the tree, we are part of the tree therefore we are part of nature. It's not that we just control nature in our hands we are a piece of it. So we must not let the tree slip out of our hand, but we also need to be careful not to grasp the tree too tightly, because we might loose what is so crucial for our existence.

Besides the deeper meaning, the creation is also supposed to be a beautiful display model. Something that you can practically place anywhere and it will look very impressive. I decided to build it in only one color- light bluish gray, so it reminds you of some sort of beautifully crafted statue. Something made out of rock, but even more detail than a stone statue can be. And because it's a monochrome build it matches with practically all furniture. It's something unique, a gorgeous build with a deeper meaning to it, a real conversation starter.

Hope you all enjoy the creation and explanation of it. Appreciate all the support and feedback. Keep bricking!

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