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Mini Modular Palace cinema , Petshop , Townhall


Thank you for looking at this project.

I'm a big fan of  all the modular series.  I was impressed with the 10230 Mini Modulars set when it came out but never got a followup with the newer sets.  It inspired me to create some of the more recent modular buildings that haven't been recreated in miniature format.

This model is based on the Palace Cinema ,Pet Shop and Townhall.   This model splits into four smaller buildings, just like the original.  Some other details of note include: recreating the red mailbox, having the arched doorway for the pet shop loft, and a green door on the top level of the apartment building. 

I hope you all like the creations and hope this will be a followup set to add to the excisting 10230 Mini Modulars set. i hope to maybe add the Perisian restaurant soon so it will become a 4 piece set.

i hope you all vote and enjoy this creation.

all sugestions and comments are welcome changes can always be made.