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Star Wars UCS 74-Z Speeder Bike


This is my idea for a UCS Set of the 74-Z Speeder Bike.


The 74-Z Speeder Bike as seen on the Star Wars movies was used by the Galactic Empire for combat and reconnaissance operations.


The Speeder Bike has always been one of my favorite vehicles of the Star Wars universe. What impressed me the most is the combination of speed, firepower, maneuverability and the overall design of the speeder bike.


Before I started designing the Speeder Bike I did a lot of research on blueprints, screenshots and also other Lego Speeder Bike models. I found a lot of great Speeder Bike models, but these models where mostly of smaller size so these models, at least for me, did not catch all the details that I wanted on my own model.

So I started designing my very own model of the Speeder Bike. From the beginning I decided to not define a final size for the model – but to put my whole focus on all the details that I missed on the other Speeder Bike models and define the size of the model by the details I wanted to add.

Especially I tried to catch the overall beauty of the original Star Wars design by focusing on scale, angles, curves and all the small details of the original design.


The design of the model took me about 3 weeks until I was really satisfied with all the details and the general look of the model. For the final version I have also added a display stand.

You can also download the model LDD file (without the display stand) on the Lego Digital Designer homepage.


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