Product Idea

Batman Beyond Project (75 Years of Batman)

In a scan of LEGO Ideas I was dismayed to see the lack of Batman Beyond projects. Thanks to it being 2014 and it also being Batman's 75th Anniversary I decided to make a new project. I know we have quite enough Batmobiles, but the reason you should support this is because it really isn't. The thing I loved about Batman Beyond was that Bruce Wayne wasn't Batman the entire show. It was Terry McGinnis, this Batmobile isn't Bruce's yet it's Terry's. LEGO is all about something unique to make a set for. So I made this. Coming in this set is Batman and Blight (Batman's Arch Nemesis). It may seem small but the piece count is nearly 350 pieces. And after about two-weeks worth of on and off work with loads of suggestions and critique. I decided to keep the set simple and only have the Batmobile. Because it really is a work of art (no need to boast) and it doesn't need my terrible scenery builds to make it look bad. So, amidst all my rambling feel free to look at all the pictures and enjoy!

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