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Movie Drone Crew


This set represents a movie drone and its crew. It is made for all the drone fans, professional as well as hobbyist, to play and explain how drone movie films are made.

The movie drone is inspired from the model Aerochrome 14 made by the german drone manufacturer CooperCopter.
It is a an octocopter offering enough payload capacity to bring a professional movie camera on board (such as a ARRI Alexa or a RED EPIC).
Its design and size provide the necessary stability for high quality pictures.
It is equipped with a 3 axis gimbal (heading, pitch and roll), that allows to orient the camera independently from the drone structure, and virtually in any direction.

The crew consists of the drone pilot, the photographer and the director of photography.
Having two operators (photographer and pilot) for the drone is often preferred in the movie industry to share the workload.
The pilot is in charge of bringing the drone to the right location and fly along the desired flight path. He is in charge as well of ground and air safety.
The photographer focuses on composing the right shot: he chooses the right focal length, focus, exposition and camera orientation.

The pilot uses a radio remote control to pilot the drone. He either watches the drone in VLOS (Visual Line Of Sight) or uses a HUD (Heads Up Display) to see what the drones sees with its auxiliary camera. Either on his remote or the HUD, he cans also monitor relevant flight parameters (flight time, battery capacity, eventual warning and error messages, etc...)
The photographer uses a remote control to set the camera heading, pitch and roll, and all other necessary camera parameters (focal length, sensitivity, diaphragm aperture, shutter speed, area of focus, etc...). He uses a HUD to have a live preview of the shot.

The director of photography insures that the footage is consistent with his vision and with the rest of the movie.
As he is a director, he is equipped with his chair, his clap and of course his megaphone!



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