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Cute Newsstand (Be With You)


The boy: “Please don’t give up, I’ll always be with you.”

The girl: “Don’t worry about me only, how about you?”


This is a cute newsstand. 

This touching/interesting set includes:

  • 2 minifigures (a boy and a girl).
  • 2 animals (a brown cat and a white kitten).
  • a crutch (for the boy).
  • a wheelchair, a red ballon and a teddy bear (for the girl).
  • 5 newspapers, 2 magazines and a comic (on the shelves).
  • 2 canned drinks, a orange juice, chocolate milk, pure milk and a cup drink (in the refrigerator).
  • a candy machine.
  • a cat food (in the front of the brown cat).
  • 3 advertisements and a warrant (on the outer wall).

I hope that all of you will like this little set.

Thank you.


The brown cat: “I’ll always be with you, my dear cat food.”

The white kitten: “Me too.”

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