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Super Luke's Super Boat.


The Villainous Zalzok The Diabolical has stolen some of multi billion dollar company's Future Tech's prototype war equipment. Thinking he has escaped on a baron island, Zalzok takes the equipment out of the carbon fiber boxes and calls his fleet to come pick him up.  But not far behind, the Stupendous Super Luke is approaching the baron island at a whopping 273 knots to capture the devious scientist. The fleet however, is coming at 554 knots and as already spotted our hero on the radar.

Will Super Luke make it to Zalzok and put him back behind bars, or will the fleet beat our hero to the island and sink the Super Boat?  Only you can decide with Super Luke's Super Boat, made from 31 pieces and a reputation for adventure!

please support, i need an opportunity to go big and sell!

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