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Land Rover Defender - Remote Control


This is the classic Land Rover Defender, an icon in 4x4 vehicles. Now you may be thinking there have been many builds of Defenders, why another one?

Well, my idea was to make a fully functional 4 wheel drive model with remote control, and to keep it compact enough to fit into the creator expert range of Lego cars. 

I built a fully Technic chassis and then designed an 18 stud wide Lego System body to fit on top, giving the best combination of looks and functionality.

The chassis was built to be functional and reliable, so I kept it simple, with rear pendular suspension and 2 seperate L-motors - one for each axle. These are geared down to make the model slow and steady and capable of tackling obstacles. The steering is controlled via a servo motor and the model uses 1 battery pack and 1 I.R reciever.

The piece count is around 1800 I am guessing and the construction of the body is very sturdy and requires less 'SNOT' techniques than I would normally use as the Defender has a shape that lends itself to Lego very well.

The model should be fully compatible with the upcoming switch to the new technic power system, and will actually benefit as the I.R reciever will no longer have to stick through the roof.

I think this would make a great Lego set as it is displayable and playable for all ages and a Creator-Technic crossover model would make a great Ideas set!

Any questions or suggestions - get in touch!

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