Product Idea

Bionicle Toa Mata

The Toa Mata were six legendary heroes of the island of Mata Nui. They harnessed the power of the elements and used their masks imbued with special abilities to protect the Matoran villagers of the island from the Makuta and his minions.

The were:
Playful and agile Toa of Air, Lewa
Wise and mighty Toa of Earth, Onua
Calm and Sensible Toa of Water, Gali
Strong and Friendly Toa of Stone, Pohatu
Stoic Deputy Leader and Toa of Ice, Kopaka
And the Hot-headed Leader and Toa of Fire, Tahu
Together they served the Great Spirit and the Three Virtues as The Toa Mata!

Just like the 2001 sets, all of these retain their original masks, weapons and gear functions (with an option to lock them in place)!

This is my concept for a celebration of Bionicle's upcoming 20th Anniversary! The original Toa Mata with an updated design and more articulation. With the use of some classic pieces and some custom limb assemblies, I've tried my best to match the scale and style of the originals while giving them a touch of my own aesthetic. I've posted these all on Reddit before with great community feedback, so I hope to see some of the same feedback here! Thank you for checking this out!