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Superduty American Truck


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Hey there!!!

This is my second creation, it's a beauty and mastodontic american pickup truck based on the Ford F-450, the Chevy Silverado 3500 and also the Gmc Sierra 3500 HD.

It's a heavy duty veichle, so you can load all you want in the big bed in the back, opening the tailgate!

Next, you have to open the door of the Crewcab and seat at the steering wheel. The Crewcab can host 5 minifigures and the second raw of seat is completely removable to have more load space even in the cab!!! The living space in the interior is ultra comfortable: adjustable steering wheel, rpm and tachymeter counters, navigation system, automatic gearbox controls, drink cup holders, a smartphone holder for the passenger and an entertainment system on the back of the first raw of seats and even on the roof for the passengers!!! Also there are courtesy lights on the roof and an audio system in the opening doors and a opening fridge box between the front seats to keep cold your drinks!!!

Check the reverse back doors system like a crew cab must be!!! 

Other features include steering wheels system, front and back axle high-angle suspension system with detailed pneumatic shocks (2 in the front and 3 in the back), rear reinforced dually axle with disk brakes (you can load more than 1 kg on the truck!!!), fog lights, turning lights repetitors on adjustable back mirrors (even in width like the real Ford F-450), roof lights and a KC lights rollbar that can be flipped in the rear loadbed, 4 enormous truck-style exausts, long antennas in the front and huge aircoolers on the (coming soon) opening hood with a monster V8 engine!!! There are also 4 footsteps to reach the cab 'cause the truck is very raised from the ground!!!

It's equipped with a tow hook and  there's also a fifth wheel for a goose neck trailer or a toy hauler trailer in the bed! check out the load hooks in the bed!

On the tailgate and on the back of the cab, under the light rollbar there are light stop light repetitors!!!

Last but not least, the entirely roof can be removed to access to the interior side of the cab more confortable.


All the parts that you see in grey color are created thinkin' about a chrome finish, included the rims!

I'm sure that i'm forgetting something about the thousands features of this truck but i don't care i will refresh it soon!!!, this is the ultimate work veichle, like a truck must be: you can do what you want wherever you want, and it'll be ready to do it with you!!! 

Check it out!!!

Pieces: 1042

Size: about 46x16 studs (rear axle)

Level: medium-expert