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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Sunnydale High School

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'Sunnydale High School' - Work in Progress

From the hit TV series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', this is the basic shell for the school.

Please feel free to support and send in your suggestions, this is a work in progress so would love to hear your ideas! I am yet to put the sign above the door but will make that the last thing I do so to 'christen' the project which is coming in at around 550 bricks so far.

I will need to change some of the colouring and also remove some of the straight lines, replacing them with the curves from the real-life version. The windows would all be tinted, including the door's windows.

Some of the minifigs I can imagine it would come with include; Harmony Kendall, Principal Flutie/Snyder, Jenny Calendar, Marci Ross (invisible girl), 2 Hyena People, Larry Blaisdell and the clown from Xander's nightmare.For this site, I am currently working on ideas for; School Library (submitted), The Bronze (submitted), Angel's Mansion, Master's Lair, The Magic Box (submitted, Glory's Collapsible Tower (submitted), Sun Cinema, Sunnydale High School (submitted),, Buffy and Willow's Dorm Room, Giles' Apartment, as well as Xander and Anya's Apartment. As I come up with new ideas, such as a Mini Graveyard Scene and the Trio's Black van, I will add them to the collection as I go along. Some will be designed on Lego Digital Designer (such as this one), others will be hand/digitally drawn owing to how unique and complicated the designs are.If you choose to support my idea, please feel free to suggest ideas on how to improve the design so the Lego team can see the potential behind the Lego Buffy range. One which would make an awesome video game based around the best stories of the 144-episode run.

I would like the 1% commission to go towards Cancer or AIDS research for all the Buffy/Licensed sets.

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