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Rubik's Cube Solver Robot


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This robot can solve the Rubik's cube! If you truly like this model, please support, but even more importantly, please share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media! 

The robot is constructed with the EV3 Mindstorms Kit. The color sensor detects how the colors are mixed in the cube. Then, using algorithms the robot solves the cube using the motors.

Look how it works!: (it has English subtitles) 

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This project was originally thought to be a research project about artificial intelligence applied to the Rubik's cube. I was really excited about it, so finally I constructed this robot. What makes it so special is that it solves the Rubik's cube the same way that a human would do it, using artificial intelligence!

This is the robot:

This is the front view:

This is the top view:

Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks!

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