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Tesla Model S [1:16 Scale]


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This is the Tesla Model S, rendered in 1:16 scale.

Here's a short YouTube video about this build

The model is 12” (30cm) long, 5.5” (14cm) wide, and 3.5” (9cm) high. 


  • Hood opens to reveal frunk (front trunk), with included suitcase
  • Swooping roofline with panoramic sunroof
  • Front doors open
  • Front door handles slide out and in
  • Front seats recline
  • Front center armrests slide back to reveal cup holders
  • Rear hatch opens
  • Optional 3rd row children’s seat folds out
  • Custom decals on front, sides, rear, and interior
  • And, just like the real car, it doesn't burn a drop of gasoline!

I wanted to make a Model S that is both nice to look at and very playable. I have an 8-year-old son who I wanted to be happy playing with this as much as I was looking at it on the shelf. I estimate it as having around 700 pieces, but optimization could probably reduce that somewhat. Also, while I like the Model S in gray as shown, red would be another great color for it to be offered in.

The Tesla Model S is an amazing car, and it deserves a proper LEGO model. Please consider adding your support so LEGO will bring us one. And, if this project gets 1,000 votes, I will add a Tesla Supercharger (charging station) to the set. 

Thank you! :-D

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