Product Idea

Lego Dock for Apple Watch

Since Apple Watch was released, many have been complaining about it's battery life. It has so many functions that users need to charge it almost every night. 

This problem also troubles me and inspires me to make the charging experience more enjoyable. I started thinking: What if I can make it display time easily even when its charging? 

Then I began building this dock with the principle to make it simple, elegant yet stable, and the result it this Lego Dock for Apple Watch.

The dock is designed to hold the charging wire of the Apple Watch. It is designed to be all white to match Apple's style of simplicity. The angle of the dock is adjustable, so the Apple Watch will display notifications anf time right to you. The dock is made of approximately 100 bricks. It won't be so hard to build it. There's even a 1*2 brick at the bottom where you can put your favorite minifugure on. (The junction parts are not stable enough. If you have any good ideas, please leave your comments in the commenting area).

Now I wake up everyday and look for time on it. I even use it as an alarm clock. It makes charging the Apple Watch more joyful, and I want to share the joy with you!

Happy Building!