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Spaceship Hangar Bay


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I was messing around with my LEGOs one day, and had the idea to build a hangar for this spaceship that I was working on. It turned out better than I expected, and I thought I might post it on LEGO Ideas. So here is my creation: a hangar with a spaceship.
The hangar is built on a 48x48 baseplate, has sliding doors, a control center, floodlights, a radio antenna, and equipment.
The spaceship has a cockpit for a minifigure, engines, retractable landing gear, and stud shooters.
This comes with 4 minifigures, an android, the hangar bay, the spaceship, a truck, and various pieces of equipment.
If you want this to become a set, please support! Also I love to hear your opinions, so please comment and tell me what you think!

Keep building!

As I can't add all of the pictures of this creation, I will add an update as soon as possible to show the rest of it.

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