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The Lost World House Attack

Quick! Eric Hinlor has illegally broken into the kingdom of Nar and is planning to rob Samuel and Samantha Peterson. Help them protect the map and sword that is inside, and send Eric back to his own kingdom.

This set includes Eric's horse Sherman, Samuel Peterson, his sister Samantha, and Eric Hinlor. Items include weapons, a map, and Samuel's sword Arfurmen. This set includes exclusive designs the are symbols for the kingdoms.

I hope this becomes the start to a new "LEGO Theme" and that I can hopefully get enough support so that a new "LEGO" story can be told.

This set went through many different modifications before the final product came out. it had four mountains and the house had a cheap design. The main image was poor as well. It was at a poor angle, and was too distracting. I hope everything looks alright.

Stay Tuned for the next part!

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