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Electric Sports Car


Electric Sports Car

My submission to LEGO® Ideas is the Electric Sports Car.

Why this would make a good LEGO® set:

  • It is a small, compact car while keeping many realistic features such as headlights, taillights, bumpers, mirrors, third brake light, detailed hood, and much more.
  • It sits a minifigure, which is popular among builders with as a must-have feature to include.
  • The looks of the vehicle appeals to car enthusiasts, especially younger people who are usually fond of cool-looking cars.
  • It even looks like an electric car with special building techniques like attaching a 3x1 tile to the front and rear, which overlaps half of the lights giving the model a very unique appearance!

How I would approach the set design:

  • Electric Sports Car has a bold color scheme: red with a bit a white and grey. The wheels imitate aluminum wheels. If LEGO® would see fit, I would add doors. But again, it was meant for a simple design with clever details where fit.


Thank you for checking out my Electric Sports Car.

I hope you find it pleasing, and please support this project!

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