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Ironcrest City: Battle for Liberty Square

The secret police of Ironcrest have for far to long abused their power, now it is time for the resistance to strike! The resistance has been fighting a losing battle against the Ironcrest police, they have set up their last defenses in Liberty Square. This is a battleground for Ironcrest City. Ironcrest City is a fictional city which I made. It has a thriving iron industry, and from the beginning of its creation was a Police State. It has two large statues, and plenty of mini-figures 11 to be exact, vehicles, and defense.
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They have a large mech-suit which has duel flame throwers, and is one of their most powerful vehicles. This mech-suit's original name, OmegaX17Y, disappeared when it broke through a whole line of police vehicles, and was in tip top shape, its new name was "Big Boy" The mech-suit has a large fuel tank on its back which keeps it fueled. Although the rebels lacked resources, they had several brilliant engineers who were all to eager to join them, and get away from the oppressive Ironcrest police. The mech-suit can have one mini-figure seated in it. The mech-suit's limbs are very maneuverable, and have full range of motion. The legs of the mech-suit can turn, and go up and down like a human leg. It uses no Bionicle or Hero Factory pieces whatsoever.
In Liberty Square, there is an antiaircraft bunker at the middle right of picture. it has full rotation. It can seat one mini-figure.

The Enforcer-Z-15 is the state of art hovering cars. It was first pressed into service at the dawn of the Ironcrest secret police. The Enforcer-Z-15 can reach up to 300 miles per hour allowing it to travel from one point to another like a lighting bolt. The Enforcer is generally used to transport high ranking members of the secret police. It has two heavy Tiger Class guns on its sides, these can both be lifted up to unleash their power. The Enforcer also has two light missiles. The Enforcer can seat two mini-figures. The Enfocer also has a trunk which can be lifted up.

This is the V5Warthog. The Warthog was at first used for rescue missions when first created, for its twin rotors allowed greater stability then the helicopters of the day. But once the Ironcrest secret police got their hands on the Warthog, they used its impressive capabilities to their own nefarious uses. They placed a heavy repeating gun on the front of the Warthog, and two heavy missiles. They modified the engines, making them become much more powerful. There is only room for one mini-figure. The pilot must lie on his back because of the cramped space. But the heads-up display in the pilot's helmet shows everything around the Warthog.

This is a typical hovercraft to be seen in Ironcrest City. Its name is Venture Model F. It is lightweight and very maneuverable. It is generally used as a reconnaissance vehicle. It is also used by the "guns for hire" crowd. It can reach up to 200 miles per hour, allowing it to evade even the fastest of foes. It can seat one mini-figure quite easily.

Not enough pictures? Here are some more! The back of the Z-15 Enforcer. Detail of the Warthogs engines. The antiaircraft gun, with the pilot on top. Update! You can now create your own custom battle fields! This shows the interlocking mechanism of the battlefield. "Big Boy" With its pilot inside, ready for action! The back of "Big Boy" The back of the Venture Model F!
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Note: This project was made by me and my 13 year old brother. The MOC account is his. :-)

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