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Ice Planet 2022: Technic Mech Suit


The Ice Planet MechSuit is born...

Imagine seeing a set in the Lego Store that ticks the following boxes:

  • Return of the Ice Planet theme, upgraded to Technic Scale (theme not seen since 1994)
  • A new technic set that includes a cool new technic figure (or two)!!! (not seen since 2001)
  • A Mechsuit that blends both Constraction and System parts.
  • Trans-orange chainsaws (what's not to love about those?) .

Advantages of supporting this set:

  • There is no external license for the LEGO group to acquire (keeping set-price low and likelihood of production high)
  • We might see some cool new parts in production such as a new technic figure with trans-orange visor like that of the old minifigures.
  • Lego may decide to bring back other classic space themes should this set prove popular.

Finally, it would be great if the LEGO Group could keep the cost of this set as low as possible. Somewhere in the region of £20 / $20 would surely be cost effective given the small number of parts.

CLICK SUPPORT (and hopefully we'll see this great theme and technic figures back on the shelves).



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