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Men in Black "Battle With an Alien Bug" (25th Anniversary).


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🎵Here come the Men in Black...🎵

  Hey! This is my idea of set from the famous sci-fi movie. As you know, MIB-Universe tells about an agency whose duty is to control, monitor and keep secret the existence of aliens on our planet Earth. Brave Agent K and his young sidekick agent J protect our world from alien criminals, monsters and other threats from space every day. They dress in black suits, drive a black car in hyperspeed mode, use chrome-plated futuristic weapons and a special device called a neutralizer to erase the memory of witnesses about the extraterrestrial activity and MIB organization. If no one needs to panic, humanity is not allowed to know about their galaxy defenders. At this time, the Earth is being saved by MIB.
 This universe consists of comic-books, 4 movies, funny music clip and excellent animated series.

Here are 3 major builds:
  1. A stand.
  2. The transforming vehicle.
  3. An alien bug.

MIB always use advanced technologies:
  • J2 Standard Issue - usual pistol, always in a pocket;
  • Big deatomazers (with alien brains for big charge) - weapons for not so small creatures;
  • Noisy Cricket - small size, giant blast. J was underestimating this little gun;
  • The Neutralizer - looks like the magic wand. This is the main MIB's device for flashlights, erasing human memories. No one knows, and their hands are clean.
  • Edgar's shotgun - useless against bug-monsters.
  • "Bug-off" - an anti-bug spray.
  • Hot sheets - a newspaper which talking about alien's life.
  • Human head - sort of alien disguise.
  • Arquillian galaxy (Aquill) - extraterrestrial large power source in small trinket.

About the minifigures:
  • Agent K (Kevin Brown) - One of the agents who stood at the origins of MIB. Old, skilled, cold-blooded, the best of the best agents. Always does his job with a serious angry face, but sometimes he allows himself to be friendly and also make a little joke.
  • Agent J (James Darrell Edwards the 3rd) - Ex-cop. Young, slick and also skilled guy. Sometimes a clown, sometimes he's smarter than others.
  • Dr. Laurel Weaver (Agentess L) - A pathologist who accidentally fell into an alien conspiracy. Beauty, brains and... she hates the living.
  • Edgar - Before this farmer fell victim to an alien cockroach, he was an unpleasant person, rude and disrespectful to his wife. Well, an alien "corrected" Edgar's life, if you know what I mean.
  • Mikey - The first alien (samurian) who appeared in the movie. A criminal who escaped from MIB jail and disguised as an earth immigrant. Maybe he wanted to leave Earth to be safe from bugs?
  • Frank the Pug - An alien (remoolian) disguised as a dog. An unofficial MIB informant, but with difficult manners. In this set, I created two poses of Frank: sitting and standing.
  • Worms (Annelids) - Neeble, Geeble, Sleeble, and Mannix are from the planet Takwella, came to live in the MIB headquarters. Lazybones for whom the only meaning of life is... coffee, much coffee, every day and every time. They can't get it on their planet because it's considered a royal drink, only for the emperor of worms. That's why they live on Earth.
  • Orion the Cat - "To prevent war, Galaxy is on Orion's belt". This cute little cat is the answer of this quote. His name is Orion and the pendant on his collar is a giant source of subatomic energy.

About a stand.
  It has two sides. In the first part, the Agents are sitting on egg chairs (or whatever it is). Between them are 4 worms and Frank. It shows the interior of the MIB headquarters. Behind it is a second side. It shows a mini-build of the final battle from the movie. There are two minifigures: L and Edgar.

About an alien bug (Orthopterous Exomorph).
  The antagonist of the first film. After receiving Edgar's skin, he gets even his name. Giant cockroach came from the Hive world to invade the Earth, and he's target is the arquilian galaxy (Aquill) - power source for making peace. Without this element, arquillian's diplomatic mission risks failure, and the arquillian armada will destroy Earth. The Bug will exterminate arquillian planet and his mission will be completed successfully. More innocent lives, more food for roach-monsters. It may sound cruel, but Edgar has one good feature: He loves his baby bugs.

About the transforming automobile (LTD).
  This is standard car of MIB. J thinks it's just the old piece of metal, but he has no idea what it's capable of, until he presses the red button on the lever. It's a sedan with built-in alien technology. Hyper-speed mod is only for hyper-critical situations. K loves to listen to classic 70s rock when he drives it. J's dream is to drive this car too, but old guy K doesn't let him. This car has transforming functions, two reactive jets and places for two minifigures, gadgets and one little doggie.

That is my idea.
  In 2022, the 1st film and cartoon celebrate their 25th anniversary. I think this cool classic franchise deserves its own LEGO sets, what do you think?
  Thanks to everyone who just came here. P.s. Sorry for my unperfect English.

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