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Disney Jessie: Ross Penthouse

The Ross Penthouse is a home any kid would dream of having. Its two stories, has a balcony, and is about six stories off the ground. The first story has the kitchen, the living room, the theater, and the balcony.
The living room has a couch, a table, two big blue chairs, a fireplace, and a piano. The kitchen has a stove, a fridge, a table to eat at, and a few cabinets. The theater has five seats and a huge screen. The balcony has a chair and a telescope.
Upstairs has the four kids' bedrooms. In Emma's room, there is her bed a dresser that has a clock, and her science fair project about space from the first episode, there is also a table with a lamp. In Luke's room, there is a bed, a table and chair, and a shelf with shaving cream and a camera to catch his prank victims getting pranked.
In Zuri's room, there is a bed with dolls on it along with a table with a teacup and teapot. In Ravi's room, there is a bed, a cage for Mrs. Kipling, and a tube to climb through. The tube is only there for show. There is also a table and chair in Ravi's room.
I could not get the right pieces for Minifigures but the characters I think would be good in it are Jessie, Ravi, Zuri, Emma, Luke, and Burtram.
I built this set because I have always wanted a set for the show, Jessie. I tried to build a scene from the show but decided to do the penthouse because it is seen more in the show.
I think this would be a great lego set to have because the show Jessie is so amazing and wonderful. Anyone who has watched Disney channel has watched Jessie. So if this was made a set I bet lots of people would like it. If this was made a lego set it would feel like a party every day.    

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