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Bee Keeping


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What is it?
It’s a Lego build that showcases stuff what a beekeeper does. The first one shows how a beekeeper opens up a hive and checking the Bees 🐝, the second one shows a beekeeper what makes/sells honey 🍯, behind him is a centrifuge and a bucket full of honey 🍯 and in front of him is jar of honey 🍯.
Why I build it?
I build it because I wanted to build something in micro, a new project you can say. Because I’m a beekeeper I soon got the idea of a micro beekeeping set, and because I liked that idea, I build that idea 💡.
I think it would make a great set because:
It’s a small and detailed set that showcases a part of beekeeping, because of it’s small size it’s good to showcase it on you desk or shelf. And it’s cool to look at and see the different steps.

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