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Arthur and friends lego

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Kids love Lego and they love Arthur so why not Arthur Lego based on the tv show!
The mini figures will have the same bodies but new moulded heads. Here is the list of sets that will be rel

The sugar bowl
(medium sized set)
Mini figures: Arthur, buster, Francine, and worker.
features a removable table/chairs and cand be removed!

exclusives in set:

Elwood city elementary (WIP)
Large toysrus exclusive
Mini figures: Arthur, sue elen, binky, George, Muffy, mr.ratburn, mr Haney, mrs. Mc Grady, mr moris.

The car (WIP)
Smal sized set
Mini figures:Arthur ,d.w, Kate,mom,dad,grandma thora.

The house
Lare/medium set
Mini figures Arthur,buster,dw,mom,dad,pal,grandpa dave.

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