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Pac Man


This project is a replica of the famous video game - Pac Man! Pac Man was an absolute hit back in the 1980s, with a pac man machine inhabiting almost every arcade. The game was known for its ground breaking graphics and for changing the video game market forever! This build is incredibly nostalgic and would be very fun and entertaining to old and new fans of the hit video game if it was to be approved. The build is a replica of the Pac Man maze and will include:

. Pac Man Maze

. Red Ghost (Display only)

. Orange Ghost (Display only)

. Blue Ghost (Display only). 

. Pink Ghost (Display only)

. Pac Man (Display only) 

(The project also comes with micro scale figures and cherries so they can be placed inside the maze as a play function)

With the help of Lego and your support I think Pac Man has the potential to be a great Lego set that will please both fans of Lego and Pac Man. So support Lego Pac Man now!



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