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The Secret of Monkey Island - The Scumm Bar




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Support and share!

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Support and share! :D


Introducing myself

Hi everyone! My name's Alessandra, I'm italian and I'm a big fan of both Monkey Island and the famous LEGO bricks. How many of you think that the adventure games's characters could be adapt in a representation in the LEGO brick form? Why no one has ever tried yet?

Well, here I am taking care of it :) I choose the Scumm Bar because I believe is one of the most iconic scenery of Monkey Island, and also I think it's well suitable to be converted into a LEGO set. I could have chosen LeChuck's pirate ship, but LEGO is plenty of pirate ships, so I thought I'd never be able to create one at least comparable with one of those.

What can we do in order to have a Scumm Bar copy at home? SUPPORT AND SHARE!!!

Another important thing: keep an eye on the Updates tab! We're improving the Scumm Bar with new details!In the next days I'll post the images :)

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