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The Secret of Monkey Island - The Scumm Bar



LEGO Scumm Bar Video and image collection

Check out the LEGO Scumm Bar Video and the image collection :)


The kitchen, the seagul and the loose plank

The kitchen is smaller, we added a seagull and a loose plank.


1000!!! GROG, GROG, GROG!!!

We reached 1000 supporters!!!

I thank every one of you for supporting the Lego Scumm Bar project and for the great interest that you showed to it. I never thought that we find so many Monkey Island's fans. Amazing!

It's my first Lego Ideas project. In fact, the initial project and the first images sucks :P Fortunately, then I improved them :)

Anyway...thank every one who left a comment and a support. It means a lot to me! A big thanks to the sites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages that decided to share my Scumm Bar. They're too much to put all the links, so I put just a few links:

Monkey Island Fb fan page 1
Monkey Island Fb fan page 2

Let Gamers Unite Twitter page

Adventure Game Hub Twitter page

Albino Game Twitter page 
RetroGaming Twitter page 
Kotaku UK 
Gizmodo UK 
HD Blog 
Mondo Nerd 
Adventure's Planet 
Monkey Island World 
The Gaming Ground 
PC Games Hardware 
Gamig Gadgets 
La Fortaleza de Chuck 
Tom's Guide 
Retro Gamer 

and many others...
I can`t thank you enough, mates!

Now, we need to spread the word! So, to get more supporters and reach the target of 10,000, share the link anywhere you can, like Twitter (I'm on Twitter), Facebook, Google+, etc.!


Look behind you! A three-headed monkey!



ASK ME ABOUT LOOM!! 900!!! Now I want 1000 for the official LEGO comment!!!

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