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The Secret of Monkey Island - The Scumm Bar

Lego Scumm Bar Updates


I want to be a Lego mighty pirate for next Christmas!


I'd like to wish happy Christmas and happy New Year to everyone! And thanks for all your votes and support! My projects are not perfect, I know...I'm just a huge Monkey Island fan and I'd like to see my favourite game ever in Lego form, so I tried to do my best. I hope you appreciate at least the idea and the good will :)


Rendered images and three new Lego Monkey Island set


It's your chance to support the Scumm Bar and the new Lego Monkey Island projects in one time and contribute to make this real! You just need to love only the idea, because they are not the definitive projects.

Once a project is chosen to become a set, the Lego set designers team designs the final Lego Model. So, if you love Monkey Island, please take your time to support, it only takes a minute!

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Elaine's Mansion

The Secret of Monkey Island - Stan's Shop

The Secret of Monkey Island - Carla's House

Look only the update page!!!


Guys, don't look the main image and the description page, but just the updates!! It's My first Lego Ideas project so I was a little inexperienced! There are some big improvements and rendered images. And remember that, even if your don't like very much the project but your love the idea, there is a Lego team ready to work on it if the Scumm Bar reach 10.000 supporters. So, please support and contribute to make the Scumm Bar a real thing!

Lego Monkey Island: Scumm Bar's improvements and the Stan's shop


I've completed a work reducing the Scumm Bar's size, I added the Loom pirate and I rendered LeChuck blue. I also realized another Lego set based on Monkey Island: the Stan's shop . And one other is coming... :)

LeChuck ghost pirate





2000+ Supporters!!!


Thanks to every single supporter!!! Keep it up!!!