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Wayside Tavern


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Welcome Wayfarer,

Come into this tavern.  Take a drink or eat your fill and then return on your lonely way.

This tavern comes with two waiters, two waitresses, two fugitives, and four wayfarers.  It has six different drinks, lettuce, celery, cookies, candy, fish, chicken, and sausage.  The food is stored in four barrels against the wall next to the fireplace.  There are four chairs and two tables on each level.  The chimney is lined up correctly so it goes to the second level.  Out back there is a small garden with growing celery plants and lettuce.  There are also three birds (one in front on the bench and two in the garden).  Other accessories include a staff, map, cookie cart, quill pens, waiters paper pad, cup, and a fork.  

As you journey on your way through other lands remember my set and tell others.


The Whisperer

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