Product Idea

LEGO Suburban House

A Stunning House With a Simple Design

This house has everything a home-owner needs, built on a land area of 64 studs by 96 studs. A study, bedroom, laundry, bathroom, kitchen, studio, and living room fills this cozy house. 

The Study has a warm feeling, with bookshelves and couches to add to the workspace.

This house also features a studio, which is equip with two guitars, a bass guitar, a saxophone, and a drumkit. 

The two smallest rooms; The bathroom, and the laundry are filled with the necessities, but quite roomy at the same time. 

The bedroom is easily the most decorated, with a double bed and dressers.

At the end of the hallway is an open area that has a dining room, kitchen and living room. 

Although this house has only the necessities, it is spacious and will easily fit into any LEGO City.