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LaQuinta Motel


Hello fellow Lego builders!

Here's a quaint, classy, small scale motel. I chose to use the LaQuinta Motel chain brand, but this is not entirely based from any particular LaQuinta motel.  I only used some of the brand colors, like the yellow Italian style roof and red carpet hallways. 


Sand blue exterior walls, Bright yellow roof, Brick yellow colored window frames, and a Italian style laid brick (or 'tiled') roof. Lots of fully loaded flower beds filled with mulch, petunias, and green plants surround the building, and in the back there are red roses lined along the wall. Has a pool in the back with a poolhouse surrounded by a white fence and has tanning chairs and large umbrella. Includes a small patio with some chairs to relax. A roof overhang for loading and unloading into the elevator. Main entrance is in the front of the building which is closer to the check-in counter. 


12 rooms, 11 of which have windows. 6 rooms have queen beds and light blue walls, the rest of the rooms have single beds and 3 have white walls, 3 have green walls. Each room has the bed, desk, wall hanging photo, and microwave and small refrigerator (both are un-functional), a brown wooden nightstand and lamp. The bed has red sheets and white pillows, the desk is brown, wooden with a chair, the photo is a painted art of a sunflower, and the 'microwave' is a black brick... literally. And the fridge is a white brick. (Couldn't do any better than that.) :P

The breakfast nook has a counter with pastries and other food items, duo colored tile floor, and 8 wooden tables with chairs.

The halls (first and second floors) have red carpeting, white walls, and gray doors with lock entrances.

Front entrance has the check-in counter and waiting chairs.

Side entrance is next to the 2 floor functional elevator, built for me by R2rules ( Thanks a lot R2rules!!

And the beautiful render was done by LoneCoyote ( Thanks a lot LoneCoyote!

Thank you a ton for your support! I appreciate it very much.