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The Mercury House


Mercury House

Hello and welcome to my first project.

About the House

The Mercury House is a modern home complete with bedroom, kitchen, living room and garage. The garage, located in the rear, can open up and store the high end sports car. A staircase leads from the living room up to the kitchen and patio.

The house features architecturally savvy angles and slanted roofs. Tan brickwork can be seen at the front of the house.

All parts of the building are scale to micro figures.


All of the roofs can be removed to explore the interior. The top floor is locked into place but can be removed to reveal the bottom floor.


- Solar panel
- Bench press
- Sofas and glass table
- Micro figure
- Sports car
- Speaker
- Bed
- Staircase
- Stove and Fridge
- Table and Chairs
- Groomed Trees
- Pool recliners
- Painting

If you enjoy this project and would like this as a set please consider supporting this project! Thank you for checking the Mercury house out!


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