Product Idea |

The Scenery

This is a scenery. It has backgrounds and landscapes. The first background consists of red orange, dark, yellow and yellow bricks. It has 62 one by two’s. The second background is the sky the sky consists of dark blues to light blue‘s it has clouds in the sky. Third background is mystical it has shades of purple and dark blue. It sets a feeling of unknown. The first landscape is a meadow with trees in it I was trying to go more for a pixelated look. The last and final landscape is the desert with tan bricks. It has light brown and brown bricks. It also has a cactus, I put in there because it needed just a little pop of color.
And the stand is all white, and it has two studs to put the background in the scenery in place. All the landscapes and backgrounds are almost have a pixelated look on them.
I built this because I was playing around with one by twos and one by ones and I just created a scenery view because I drew one on paper.
I think this would make a good lego set because it’s color-coded and looks good in my opinion and I think the concept is pretty and people will enjoy this if it becomes a Lego set.

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