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Metrolink Train


Come ride along the coastline of California and enjoy the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.  


History of Idea:


Metrolink is a commuter agency running through the area of southern California through the LOSSAN corridor.  


Contents of Idea:

This is a Metrolink train that consists of one F59PH locomotive, one coach, and one cab car. Since Metrolink is a commuter rail agency they do not have sleeper and cafe cars.


Features of Idea:

This model uses a custom bogie and attaching system. It does have two stories with staircases. While this model does not come with any source of power, it can still be easily added in. If you purchase multiple sets, you can still attach them together in different order. The roof and second level can be lifted off to adjust and place minifigs inside the train car. Twenty-two minifigs can sit down at one time. Unfortunately, some features had to be sacrificed, like opening doors and a restroom.


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