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Brain Twist

Brain Twist is a series of puzzles built from lego Technic pieces. Some are easy and some are hard.

All of these are puzzles that you build except for the smallest cube. It may seen like a small easy puzzle, but it is harder than it looks. To complete the small cube you must turn the pieces in the right way to form a cube.

Below is the small cube scrambled up.

The puzzle in the top left corner is the easiest of all the puzzles. This puzzle consist of three pieces and two fasteners. It is designed to look kind of like a wooden three dimensional puzzle.

Here is a picture of the puzzle taken apart below.

So far the two puzzles above have the simple rule: build the object with out taking apart the pieces.(Of course the red and black puzzle has fasteners that you have to take apart.)

But the last two puzzles have more rules. The rules are:
Build the object with out taking apart the pieces. The red and gray axles are the only parts that can slide into another part and stay. There are blue and black axles that you do not move from its part. If the blue and black axles are sticking out then they slide into a hole.

Above is a picture of the bigger cube (on the left) and the three dimensional rectangle (on the right). The cube is taken apart all the way, and the three dimensional rectangle is built part way. The cube has five parts and the other has seven parts. One of the difficult parts of these puzzles is that some of the parts have pieces that move. That means that you must have some of the parts in the right form also.
Thanks for looking and I hope you like it. Tell your friends.