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Beach Police Inflatable Pursuit

The Beach Police patrol Lego's beaches keeping them safe for everyone. This set comprises a small police inflatable in pursuit of a suspect in a kayak...he won't get far!
The inflatable in this example is coloured orange but would ideally be a themed colour (e.g. white, navy or light grey). There are two police officers in the inflatable and a crook in the kayak. The police have several accessories to help them; rifle with tranquilizer dart, handcuffs, walkie talkie and a chain to tow the crook to justice.

In this set there are three minifigures and accessories and also a marker bouy. Firstly there is the cop with a tranquiliser gun and chain, secondly the inflatable boat's driver with walkie talkie and handcuffs and lastly the desperate criminal with hoodie and kayak oar.

Here's the small inflatable boat; ideally it would be a Beach Police themed colour (e.g. navy blue or white). The boat has a place to hold the tranquiliser gun on the bow and also handy attachment points for the handcuffs and walkie talkie. The steering column is adjustable as is the outboard motor on the back. Finally there are blue and red flashing lights to warn other boaties to get out of the way.

A simple but effective kayak for the hooded criminal to try and make his escape in.