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Tri-Booster Engine Supercycle


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With a main booster in the center and two smaller maneuvering jets on the sides, the Tri-Booster Engine Supercycle has plenty of power for its small frame. Two exhaust pipes above the main booster are cleverly incorporated into the main engine, covered by a chrome-plated frame. The driver's seat is protected by a V-shaped frame, going behind the driver and over the engine. Two chrome bars protect the driver from falling out of either side, and a front-opening cockpit roof reduces wind flowing into the cockpit. Additional framing is connected to the top. A strong chain and wires connect the engine and cockpit to the front. With 6 cylinders poking out from beneath the hood, the front has additional thrust to add to the Supercycle. The front-facing headlight mounted above the hood allows the rider to see even at night. The length of the front of the Supercycle allows for more stability, and improved maneuverability.

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