Steel Brothers - Steel Screw

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Steel Screw is my 4th creation in order to enrich the "Steel Brothers" team, you might remember some of them or you may check out details as below:

Again, Steel Screw is also not original from the Star wars movie, I personally just hope the Steel Brothers could show up in the future Star Wars 7, of course, with your kindly support.

Steel Screw is a two feet mini mecha, made of 125 Star wars & Technical parts. In a battle field, this robot can take both attack and defense tasks. More details are presented below:

Above pictures are showing details of his arms:
- Left arm equipped with a claw, aiming to build up or destruct defensive structures
- Right arm equipped with a pincer, which is great for close fighting

Above pictures are showing different poses and details of this mini mecha:
- Up left ... ordinary pose, 2 long-distance cannons heading strict forward
- Up middle ... details of head, blue eyes ^_^
- Up right ... max elevation of the 2 cannons, ensuring no bland angle up in the sky
- Down left ... special pose of his feet
- Down right ... details of 2 power guns below venter

Now, this is a funny picture, Steel Screw is actually giving a ballet pose, standing with only one foot ^_^ Hope it could convenience you about his flexibility and stability.

Lastly, kindly remember to visit my other projects, I wish you will like the whole team of Steel Brothers

Your support and comments will encourage always encourage me. Thanks!

Enjoy LEGO!